Euskaltax is known for its experience in company sale and purchase transactions and has a M&A team made up of professionals from various departments (tax, commercial, labour, accounting, etc.) who work transversally, offering comprehensive advice and allowing all legal aspects to be addressed in the design and execution of M&A transactions, all from a tax-efficient perspective.

We advise our clients on the preparation of the corresponding projects, on the convening of the governing bodies that must take the pertinent restructuring decisions and on their execution at a company level, through the issuance of the relevant public deeds and their subsequent registration in the Companies Registry.

Our advice includes a comprehensive or more limited review (depending on the client’s requests or the context of the transaction) of the legal, tax and labour situation of the company or companies involved in the transaction. We will convey our conclusions to our client together with an executive summary of our findings.

In parallel to the completion of the review process, we will be available to the client to assist both in advising on the information and/or documentation to be shared (Buyer) and on the information and documentation required to complete the review.

Tax analysis of the corporate structure or structures under which the transaction would be executed, with a view to achieving the objectives set, as well as assistance in the execution of those actions aimed at their implementation.

We will prepare and/or review, as appropriate, the legal terms of all drafts and documents that must be executed to complete the intended transaction. We will also assist in the commercial execution of the completion of the transaction, preparing with the notary’s office and/or reviewing the public deeds to be issued and managing the corresponding entries in the Companies Registry.