Commercial Law

EThe Euskaltax team of lawyers is one of the pillars of the firm and it comprises a group of professionals with extensive experience in all areas of commercial practice, advising national and international companies on all types of legal issues and at all life stages.

Legal assistance from the incorporation of the new company, including advice on the preparation of the memorandum and articles of association, to the eventual transfer of the share capital to a third party or its dissolution and liquidation.

Legal assistance in the preparation of the resolutions of the governing bodies (governing body and General Meeting), as well as in the execution of these in a public instrument when necessary and management of the entries in the corresponding Companies Registry.

Advice on the adoption of the pertinent measures for compliance with the relevant legislation.

Legal assistance as non-director secretaries of the companies we advise, intervening in the meetings of the governing body for the purposes of drawing up minutes of the same, advising on the legality of the resolutions adopted, registering as public deeds the resolutions that so require and managing their registration in the corresponding Companies Registry.

Advice on the preparation of the corresponding (if not universal) calls to the meeting and on its publication if it is also necessary, attending the meeting, as well as legal assistance in cases where we act as secretaries for the governing body or for the meeting itself.
We provide our clients with advice on shareholders’ agreements, which regulate, among other essential aspects, the relationship among partners/shareholders as joint partners/shareholders of the same company, the system of transfer of stocks and shares, possible drag-along or tag-along rights, cases of blocking and termination methods, etc.

We advise on the preparation and execution of family protocols that regulate the relationship between the different components of the family branches, the access of new generations, the transmission of share capital, etc.

We advise on all types of civil and commercial contracts, both national and international. In the event that the involvement of foreign legal experts is necessary, we inform our clients of this in order to foresee their participation.

Comprehensive legal and tax advice for Startups in the initial design and start-up phase of the project (among others, analysis of the legal form that best suits the project, incorporation and launch of the project, drafting of shareholders’ agreements, tax incentives for entrepreneurs and attracting talent, advice on flexible remuneration formulas, assistance and representation in funding rounds), and also in the consolidation phase of the project (tax consultancy and recurring legal advice).